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Rasbora brittani

Postby Mad Duff » Sat Jan 10, 2009 7:32 am

Common Name: Brittan’s Rasbora or Head and Tail Light Rasbora

Scientific name: Rasbora brittani

Family: Cyprinidae

Origin: SE Asia, Malaysia

Size: 60mm

Care: These fish enjoy a densely planted aquarium with plenty of free swimming space. A temperature range of 23’C to 26’C is acceptable, they are a little bit more fussy where pH is concerned than most Rasboras and will do better in slightly acid conditions ideally 6.0 up to 6.6.

Feeding: Most dried foods are accepted like flakes, pellets etc but bloodworms, midge larvae, tubifex worms and daphnia should be a big part of their diet be it live or frozen.

Sexing and Breeding: Males tend to be more slender than female’s, females also tend to have a more convex ventral line. There have been no reports of successful spawning in aquariums, although quite likely to be similar to R. borapatensis or R. trilineata.

Comments: A lively, peaceful schooling fish that does best in groups of 6+

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